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Give It Your Best Shot: Focus on Cottonwood County in Black and White

Our theme this year was Cottonwood County in Black & White, of which 23 photographers submitted images.  The first place winner was Darlene Michel with her photograph entitled "The Thunder Rolls", a view of storm clouds rolling across the prairie near Jeffers beyond a landscape of wind generators.  the second place honor went to Adam Perrizo with his photograph entitled 'Deer Crossing" which featured a pair of fawns posing perfectly for the camera.  The third most popular photograph was by Peggy Jurgens with her photo "Rocket - Wild & Free" taken of the family pet raccoon.  Thank you to all the photographers who participated this year.  A book containing the photographs of this show is now available at the gift shop!  Hardcover is $35 and Softcover is $25.