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What's New at the Museum

New Look at the Museum!

Work on Research Library/Office is Complete

The new year of 2018 brought a scurry of activity in the Research Library/Office area.  The first job on January 2nd was to move the larger items out of the space and cover with tarps all the remainig desks, book cases and file cabinets.  The Greg Hanefeld crew began their work of installing the grid for the new ceiling tile followed by Ron's Electric to remove the old flourescent lights and begin wiring for the LED lighting.  Schwalbach's were called in to run duct work for the heating/cooling system, making for a uniform disbursement of air.  Two weeks after the start of the project, volunteers Dave Vaupel and Howard Davis helped move back into the space  While we are still dusting and organizing, we are back up and running with a beautiful new ceiling and LED lighting.  Thank you to all who donated toward this project over the last two years and to the Schmidt Foundation for their contribution.  What a nice improvement!


Before and After

Honoring the Centennial of WW1